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Once again we try to offer our clients the whole package and minimise their inconvenience.

We work closely with affiliated architects whose design experience comes from years of coming up with bright and innovative new ideas for making the most out of your space. We can deal with the local planning authority in regards to planning permissions and building control to work towards a completion certificate on your behalf.

We have all the relevant people to hand to ensure your extension is completed on time and on budget. Projects over a certain size will also have a site manager for each project ensuring everything goes to plan. An extension to your home will not only add value to your life but if done correctly it should also increase the future sale price.

In addition to constructing your extension we also offer all other associated building services that go alongside the main structure: bathroom fitting , kitchen fitting , plastering , tiling , flooring, painting and we can also source many specialist items from our preferred suppliers whether it be a rain shower for your bathroom or folding sliding doors for your extension.

Folding sliding doors are extremely popular with customers and architects alike and are frequently used to used to open up the back of a house and so connect the inside living space with the outside. The increased amount of glass lets a great deal more light into the room. If you’re interested in folding sliding doors then we can advise, obtain and install them for you.


A glass roof constructed with either timber or aluminium glazing bars are another way of making your extension stand out from the crowd whilst making as much use as possible of the natural light available. Give us a call to discuss how it will work for you as there are a number of important factors that require consideration. The most important is how to stop the room becoming like an oven in the summer and to ensure that it is adequately heated in the winter. To facilitate the latter we can offer you advice on the types of heating systems available on the market including electric and water based under floor heating as well as the use of trench heaters.

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Why use our services?

  • Our team are skilled and hard working
  • Our services are competitively priced
  • We welcome your input in the design process
  • All our work is guaranteed
  • All of our work is custom built for you