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Complete redevelopment of ground floor into a self contained apartment with full utilities.

One main problem for me was the fact that I am constantly traveling around the Middle East, Europe and Russia which I thought would impede communication between myself and the project. In reality I was kept upto date constantly with progress reports and digital photos via email and telephone calls. Any problems encountered or changes to the scope of work were discussed fully and authorized prior to work commencing.

The work scope was carried out as close to the proposed time frame as possible. The only deviation from the plan was when unforeseen remedial building work had to be carried out to correct mistakes built in by the original house developers.

Overall Finish:
The build quality in all areas of the flat is very impressive. Thought and consideration has gone into planning and execution with a fine attention to detail. The intelligent storage in the kitchen is remarkable with a full range of appliances cleverly built in to maximize space without feeling crowded.

Service Quality:
Excellent is all areas. Any last minute modifications which I proposed were planned and accommodated. Work men were courteous, polite, honest and hard working. Project manager was three steps ahead of the game whist the resident interior designer gave thought and consideration into decoration, furniture and lighting layout and design to enhance the quality and feel of the apartment.

Would I recommend?
Yes to friends and family no problem.
In fact we are having some more work done by Jonathan, Trine and the team.

– Mark Jerrard